Hymera Luxembourg presents its Private Collection of intricately patterned glass candles. Each candle proudly tells its own story through fragrance and symbolism. Introduce a bold statement into your home with one Private Collections eye-catching candles.


Legend has it that the hills of Lhasa are the ‘Three Protectors of Tibet’. Inspired by the intricate architecture from this region, the decorative Lhasa scented-candle evokes scents of jasmine and sandalwood.

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Wondering the high altitudes of Mongolia, one might glimpse the silvery, mottled coat of the mysterious and elusive snow leopard – Irbis. Intriguing chypre is the perfect sensual portrait of this enigmatic animal.

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On those cold winter nights curl up beside a golden, crackling fireside in a moment of festive joy. Subtle smoke and fiery wood are sure to warm winter’s chill.

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