Hymera Luxembourg presents Pure Collection: a monochrome duo of classic pure white and warming contemporary grey. Opaque coloured glass has been hand-blown into each of Hymera Luxembourg’s signature sizes. Luxurious and profound fragrances reflect the refined silhouettes of Pure Collection.


Silver relics of Greek antiquity reveal the origin of our love for this precious metal. Argyros is composed of luxurious oud and sweet saffron.

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Glittering snowfall in the world’s northernmost forest, the Taiga, transforms the landscape into a gallery of jewel-like sculptures. Embraced in pure white, scents of warm santal augment this magical scene.

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A great Tibetan myth tells of a magical gemstone that had the power to make one’s wishes come true. Le K2 x Hymera collaboration presents the Tibetan jewel Norbu, a gem of a candle whose fresh mountain scent transports us to the highest peaks of the Himalayas.

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